Eliminate the hassle and cost of day to day business by choosing one or all of our services.

  Truck Driver Staffing CDL A & B
We have a full roster of drivers ready to work for you. These drivers remain our employees meaning we take care of their payroll, taxes, benefits, workers compensation, DOT regulated requirements, screening etc. You use them as you need them and just pay one invoice. If at any time you are not satisfied with their service give us a call and we can quickly offer you another employee who does fit your needs. If you need to increase or decrease the amount of drivers you need just call and let us know and we will fulfill your needs. If you need a driver long term or just for one day to cover your existing employees sick days or vacation time we will make sure you are covered.

  Warehouse Personnel/Certified Forklift Operator Staffing                                  If you need trained, competent dock workers, warehouse staff, and/or certified forklift operators we will provide them to you in the same manner as our truck drivers. . You can choose as many employees as you like as often as you like. The team at Drivers Logistics takes care of the mundane and costly administrative functions saving you time and money, you make one call and we do the rest.

If you are not interested in utilizing one of our programs above you may want to look into our recruiting option. We will hire your drivers for you for fee. Let Driver Logistics handle the headache, time, and finances involved with hiring employees while you devote your time to other important tasks.
We will perform the following screening when finding you dedicated transportation professionals:
• Interviewing
• Background checks
• Drug screens
• Physicals
• All administrative tasks related to hiring an employee
We will only offer drivers who meet the specified criteria given by your company. If the employee does not work out you can refer them back to us with our no questions asked policy, you refer the employee back to us and we will provide you with someone different making sure you get the most efficient employee possible.

  Lease to Hire
This program allows you to work with an employee before you make the decision to hire them. Driver Logistics will go over your specifications for the type of employee you are looking to hire and find the right candidate. Your company can “test drive” this employee by working him/her for 60 working days, if you like them you hire them and pay no fee to Driver Logistics, if you want someone different we will find them for you. This allows you the advantage of seeing the employees performance before you make a decision.



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